The Freehand Zero Archive

Started throwing hardcore in the fall of 2002, been going strong ever since.  Trying to keep up with the rush of modern tricking all while making half an effort to do my own thing and come up with my own style. 

The run down: 

Name: Ryan Monson (Harry Houdini)

Age: 17

Years throwing hardcore: About two and a half

Favorite yos: Duncan Freehand Zero, YoYoJam X-Con, and the Dif-e-yo GTO

Favorite yo-yo players: Johnnie DelValle, Dave Poyzer, Doc Pop, Ignitus, and anyone smooth

Affiliations:  Skilltoys.com Sponsored Player, Mid-West

Would best describe self as: Long haired kid from the Mid-West trying to keep it real and have fun  

Other hobbies: Weight lifting (I'm puny though), video editing, writing and reading, the sciences, philosophy and sociology, procrastination

Bands/Music: Usually whatever Dave P. recommends to me (The Decemberists, Postal Service, TwoThirtyEight, Decibully), Classic Rock (Pink Floyd, The Doors, Led Zeppelin), Folk (Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel), and good Techno/Trance